Back-tracking in Penpole Wood

Two years ago KWAG built a new set of steps on the northern edge of Penpole Wood where the pubic right of way from Mancroft Avenue enters the historic estate. We’re glad to say this has held up well and has been welcomed and well used since we finished it. It’s an important link for students from Lawrence Weston heading from school on Penpole Lane. But the condition of the path below them had become horrendous, particularly this year where rain and mud had rendered it virtually impassable.

Recognising the issue we decided to extend our step work to connect back to Mancroft with a new well-drained path. A special project team was put together under the organisation of Jim Ellis, and materials bought. The first task involved digging out the old path, which came out easily. There was the unusual discovery of long sections of old carpet three inches under the mud, no doubt thrown down at some point to try and improve the muddy conditions. After cutting out another few inches of soil we constructed a timber structure to contain a hardcore and rubble base that will hopefully promote drainage. Gullies either side are hoped to allow water to drain away without collecting on the path. Everything was finished with a good covering of self-binding gravel.

We’ve had some positive feedback since the project was completed, but the litmus test will be next winter. Thank you to Ian, Simon, John, Colin, and  of course Jim, who successfully project managed the whole thing.   

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