Kings Weston Bioblitz. May 2013

The Kings Weston Biblitz was held in conjunction with Bristol Natural History Consortium and focussed on discovering as many species of plant, tree, bug, insect, bird, mammal, and anything else we could find. The information was collected at the end of the two-day event held on the 3rd and 4th May 2013, to see how diverse the natural habitat of the park is. The Bioblitz was one of our HLF funded projects as part of All Our Histories

DSC_5897 Announcement DSC_5865 Identification DSC_5871 Harvest Spider DSC_5873 Volunteer DSC_5879 Young Naturalists DSC_5886 walk DSC_5888 feedback DSC_5889 Feedback DSC_5891 Feedback DSC_5864 Dave Spider1 Briefing Celedine DSC_5861 Bluebells DSC_5857 Spider DSC_5856 Spider DSC_5855 Cow Parsley DSC_5844 Spider hunting DSC_5845 Spider Hunting DSC_5838 Scorpion Fly Empty post


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