Conservation Management Plan 2014

The Conservation Management plan, or CMP has been created as a ‘road-map’ for the future conservation and enhancement of the Kings Weston Estate. It was adopted by the City Council in February 2014.

It is packed full of interesting historic information as well as identifying character areas and opportunities of the future conservation and enhancement of the park. However it is quite large! You will find it here in four separate sections for download.

Kings Weston CMP Intro – 1

Kings Weston CMP Section 2

Kings Weston CMP Sections 3-4

Kings Weston CMP Sections 5-7

Also available is the earlier 1994 management report for the estate undertaken by Avon and Somerset Constabulary when they occupied Kings Weston House

1994 Management Plan


KWAG’s 2014 proposal to create a sustainable future for the Historic Estate.

Rethinking Kings Weston