December 2014 – last of the laurels

Finally, after working for six months on clearing laurels from the area between the ponds and the Echo we have achieved our objective. And what a difference it makes! It’s difficult now to remember how dark, inaccessible and lifeless the area was beneath the suffocating laurels was.
Our clearance has opened out the whole area as far as the Eighteenth Century path that runs around the back of the woods here, and has restored views of the Echo from all manner of new perspectives. Our final working party on December 6th reached the very last corner of the area and has completed this phase of the project.

The laurel bushes have killed everything else off at ground level and prevented new trees and different species from growing. Our ambition now is to replant the area with native trees and shrubs and try to keep on top of the laurel to allow the area to grow in biodiversity.

As well as the before and after photos from the day this album also incorporates some of the earlier shots from the same locations, showing the gradual steps the restoration took as the months progressed.

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