Memorial avenue restoration, December 2nd 2014

This gallery charts the two-day event to replant the historic avenue leading to the front of Kings Weston House. The event was the culmination of two years work and coincided with National Tree Week. Huge thanks were due to Helen Humphries and Bristol Tree Pips who put the whole event together and ensured that there was good opportunity for local school children and volunteers to get involved.

Between December 1st and 2nd 204 seventeen trees of the original avenue were replaced in their original locations, 140ft apart from the existing historic avenue, and at 30ft spacings. The project was created to commemorate the life of Tim Denning who co-founded KWAG in 2011 and who died suddenly in October 2012. Tim’s friends and family contributed much in donations as did the Bristol Port Co and others in Bristol who were keen to see the restoration project happen.

We hope that over the coming decades the avenue will return some of the original formal context to historic Kings Weston House.

Photos are courtesy of Bob Pitchford. Many thanks to Bob for recording the event for us.

2 thoughts on “Memorial avenue restoration, December 2nd 2014

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  2. jean maish

    I’m so pleased the Memorial avenue has been completed. Well done for all the work involved, I’m sure in years to come the avenue will look as splendid as the original. You must all feel very proud of your achievement. Happy Christmas to you all.

    All the Best



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