Kings Weston’s woods and meadows are home to many different species of wildlife, and there’s always something interesting to see, whatever the season. Click the banners to to find out what to look out for in each part of the park.

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Our historic trees, some over 300 years old, help tell the tale of how the estate has changed over time. There’s a huge diversity of plant life here, from orchids on Kings Weston Hill to bluebells in Penpole’s ancient wood. Try to find the ‘secret’ Quarry garden in Penpole Wood, which is home to many ferns. The rare Bristol Rock Cress has been found on the estate in the past. Maybe you’ll spot some on your visit! Many different species of fungi, lichen, and mosses can be found too, especially in the wetter months of the year.

It’s not just plants that flourish at Kings Weston. Many British mammals have made their homes on the estate. Grey squirrels are frequently seen. If you’re visiting early or near dusk, and are very quiet — you may spot one of our more elusive residents. Foxes, deer and badgers all live in the woods. Common Pipistrelle bats can often be glimpsed flitting swiftly through the trees after sunset.

Bird life abounds, from buzzards soaring overhead, to jays foraging for food on the woodland floor. Look for mouse like nuthatches and tiny goldcrests, our smallest bird, in the ancient woodland; or listen for the sky larks on Kings Weston Hill.

In the warmer months the grasslands are home to many species of butterflies and moths. Toads and slow worms enjoy the protection of many of the ancient stones and logs scattered through the woods.

If you have any encounters with wildlife on the estate and photos to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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