Kings Weston Book of Drawings

Held by Bristol Record Office the Kings Weston Book of Drawings is an incredible portfolio of 125 designs many relating to the reconstruction of the house and grounds at Kings Weston. The drawings span a period of between 1690 and 1730 and include an array of proposals both built and unbuilt, as well as a number of drawings for projects at other locations around Bristol, and many unknown schemes. Only some of the book is illustrated here.

If you would like to see the original book it is available free to anyone by requesting it at the Bristol Record Office¬† ‘B’ Bond Warehouse Smeaton Road Bristol, BS1 6XN. You will need the document reference number: BRO33746

Please note that Bristol Record Office retain the rights to these images and anyone wishing to use them commercially or publish them should get in touch with them to get written permission.

Click on each of the thumbnail images below to see larger versions:

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