Balustrade completed at Kings Weston house  

Norman Routledge at Kings Weston house has finished restoration of the balustrade overlooking the park and views across the Severn. This marks a major milestone in the restoration of the grounds immediately around the mansion and fully reinstates the terrace. The balustrade was built in 1850 and was designed to evoke the original Vanbrugh Great Terrace of the 1710s.

the completed balustrade viewed from below. 

By the 1960s, after the house entered institutional use, the ornamental stonework had been neglected, damaged and vandalised, much being pushed over the terrace onto the meadow below. Norman’s work over the last  few years has rebuilt the structure to its Victorian design and once again gives the house and terrace their intended formal setting.

the missing balustrade captured in 1973. 

More images of the estate on it’s knees in the 1970s can be found on our website. 

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