Website Developments

After the frantic activity of organizing and having the Bioblitz, there’s been a short relaxtion in the proceedings whilst we all regroup a little bit.

By the end of June we should have the final species count and we can then start to pull all the information into a number of different forms so everyone visiting the park can understand a bit more about it.

So whilst we’re working towards that, we’ve been having a think about all the things we need to do for the next few months.

We’ve spoken to a lovely web developer who is going spruce up the website and help us make it the core of our online presence where people can see what’s going, how they can help and to get as much information about the park as we store here.

Other things we’re going to be doing include:

  • Some nature guides and tree name tags (if possible) so that people can identify the plants and trees they see as they walk around.
  • We’re going to identify some suitable native species that we like to plant in the park, and we’re planning to have a community bulb-planting day.
  • We’re putting together an exhibition panels which will be designed by a local school

So…quite a lot to be going on with so don’t think that it’s all gone quiet here at KWAG-central.  The busy bees are busier than ever.


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