Do you remember… Photographic reminiscences from the 1960s


The Iron Bridge and old Inn in 1968. 

KWAG were approached recently by one of our followers, Steph Gillet, with a collection of scanned photos of the estate dating from the 1960s. The photos show the estate in decline after the Second World War, though some parts are is surprisingly good condition; The Iron Bridge and the Inn Cottages on Kingsweston Hill for example, look neat and well cared for. The Echo is shown in 1968 in a perilous condition with the parapet fallen and without its famous baroque urns. Elsewhere on the estate, on Penpole Lane, the remains of Nissan huts along the woodland edge in 1965 waiting to be removed.

Old Inn Cottages in about 1965
The Echo in 1968 with much of the architectural detailing lost and a warning sign hung on the front
Nissen Huts being dismantled from Sea Mills Camp B on Penpole Lane in 1965

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