Help us solve a seating shortage

A regular complaint is that there are so few benches around the estate to rest or enjoy the parkland. We’d like to remedy that and hope that you will be able to help us. With the agreement of the Council we’ve identified a series of locations around the estate where they could be installed, and we are asking for sponsorship for simple oak benches.

Our intention is that people can select a location and sponsor a bench as a, gift, memorial, or simply as a generous gesture. KWAG volunteers will procure heavy duty oak benches and install them on your behalf. If you would like a small brass plaque on your bench these can be supplied at extra cost.

This map will show you the agreed bench locations. We regret that locations can only be offered on a first-come first-served basis.

The solid oak benches are available to sponsor for £190 or £230 with a personalised memorial plaque. Payment can be made via Paypal and the location, and any further details included in the “Add special instructions” box, or get in touch with us by email at or call 07811 666671 to reserve a location and find out alternative methods of payment.

KWAG has already committed to providing two benches and we hope to install these soon. You will also notice that one location has already been reserved. This spot, overlooking the Home Park and the house, will be the location of an artwork as part of the Forgotten Landscape project, and will be designed by Debborah Aguirre Jones. The bench will be a unique design incorporating elements of just three locations across the whole Lower Severn Vale project area. Each bench will then have a texture or pattern burnt into the wood

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