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New animation of Elizabethan Kings Weston

A bit of an experiment on our web site, but this is the first ever MOVIE we’ve hosted here.

Over the last few years we’ve undertake a lot of research that has changed knowledge about the buildings and landscape around Kings Weston. A hugely important part of testing our theories, and exploring new ideas has been the use of 3D computer modelling. We’ve posted still images of this work before, but now we can share something a little more exciting!

This short movie is an accurate reconstruction of the Elizabethan mansion at Kings Weston based on all available data we have on it. It is, most famously, illustrated in an engraving of 1711, but other information also exists in the form of drawn plans, and descriptions of the interior of the house before it was completely demolished in 1713 to make way for the present building.



This animation shows how prominent the pair of viewing towers were, and the intended castle feel in the inner courtyard, then the main entrance to the building. It is interesting to note that when the same courtyard was redesigned by Sir John Vanbrugh he chose to repeat the idea, and echo ancient castle architecture in his own designs.  The two towers are still evoked by the arcaded chimney when viewed from the rear of the house today.

More info on the early history of the house and its illustrious owners can be found on our dedicated web page.

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