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Park ablaze with daffodils

As you’ll be able to see from the photographs, March has been ablaze with daffodils across the estate. The Circle and ancient lime avenue planting continue to put on great shows, and the new planting along the new lime avenue has started off well. This is despite some later vandalism, where flower heads in the two bays closest to Kings Weston house were plucked off. Otherwise, things have passed off without previous large scale thefts that marred the display last year. Some late flower daffodils are still to flower along the ancient lime avenue, so there’ll still be something to see as April marches on.

Gold rewards!

For all the hard work volunteers put in at the end of last year to clear the area below the viewing terrace I don’t think anyone could quite have predicted such a huge reward in the THOUSANDS of daffodils that have exploded into life this spring. Swathes of these were completely engulfed last year, but this year they are about to put on a real show! Just last September this was the scene: http://www.kwag.org.uk/gallery/jan-18th-2014-2/sept-2013-return-to-the-viewing-terrace/

We recommend next weekend as being the best time to see the whole slope alight with them!

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