Coffee Shop set to reopen!

Fantastic news as the café at Kings Weston house is set to reopen next week, with a new identity inspired by the architect of the house: The Sir John Vanbrugh Coffee House. The café closed in its previous guise, Morgan’s Coffee House, in February, and work’s been underway since then to refurbish the venue. Whilst a coffee concession has been on-site intermittently over this period, its irregular openings have proved difficult to publicise. The reopening restores an important resource to the parkland.

work on the coffee house progresses a couple of weeks ago. 

We’re delighted to announce that the coffee shop will have a soft opening on the 14th July initially, before a Grand Opening on Sunday 16th July (please note it will not be open on the intervening Saturday 15th). The grand opening is being advertised with a BBQ, cake, and bouncy castles. We wish the new venture good luck, and look forward to seeing it return as the focus  for so many visits to the estate.
Coffee House opening times are advertised as 8am-4pm 7-days a week  

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