Gold rush on the Echo path

There’s always a long wait to see whether our annual Big Bulb Plant pays off. In October last year we planted thousands more daffodils on the path to the Echo from the house and we’ve been waiting expectantly to see the results. A bit behind flowering compared with previous year’s planting it’s just come into its prime, and the results are pretty sensational!

The house with its new foreground of Spring gold

The flowers now form a beautiful Spring welcome into the park from the house car park, attractive foreground interest to both the house and the Echo, and an eye-catching sight across the lawns. Since we cleared most of the bramble and nettle roots out from the area it’s left it rather bare below the bulbs, so we’ve scattered grass seed across the area to take over when the flowers die down.   

The Echo path, now lined with flowers. 
Daffodils now welcome visitors from the Woodland car park onto the lawn. 

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