Wildflowers running wild

We reported a few months ago about the Urban Buzz project and the new wildflower meadow seeded below Kings Weston house; we’re glad to say that the first year has proved a success with a large number of new native annual wildflowers having bloomed over the last couple of months. Yellow rattle last month preceded an unprecedented show of poppies over the last couple of weeks, along with many others. It’s important to note that these flowers are only the annuals, with the majority of perennial wildflowers unlikely to show unto next summer. We look forward to see the results!

The wildflower meadow has leapt to life since seeding was carried out earlier this year.

It’s also been a pioneering year for the regrowth in Penpole Wood, where just three years ago there was nothing but cherry laurel. One of the advantages of re-covering areas we dealt with in 2016 is that we can appreciate quite what a difference volunteers have made. Although barren immediately after our operations areas have now exploded into new growth with many native woodland wildflowers broadening biodiversity, and offering new habitat and vitality to the woodland floor. If you can help identify some of these please let us know.

Of particular curiosity is the incredible growth of wild raspberries throughout the woodland areas. A resident told us some time ago that they recalled some that grew near the Echo, but the extent of the fruiting canes across the historic landscape is a surprise, particularly where the blight of laurel has been conquered.  

Just a selection of the wild flowers and plants that have begun to recolonise cleared areas in penpole Wood.

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