Great Court Consultation

The last planting beds on the garden front of Kings Weston have recently been completed by Norman Routledge and his team at the house. Focus is now turning to the main front of the house facing the Home Park. Plans are being drawn up by the house to look at creating a new formal forecourt in front of the main steps.

The new formal area is intended to reflect the original Great Court that once lay in a similar area. Although smaller in size it is intended that the design will use the same classical proportions.

Work on designs is likely to continue over winter and a Planning and Listed building application will follow. The illustrations here are to help everyone get an idea of the character of the proposals and get feedback on them to help Norman and his architect, Quentin Alder, develop designs that respond to people’s thoughts.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or concerns please forward them to us so we can coordinate a response to Norman. Unless you ask otherwise we will keep any feedback anonymous. Please email us at, call 07811 666671, or post your comments to us as soon as possible, or before 1st January 2018.

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