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Help us raise funds for our work

Since foundation in 2011 KWAG has always been keen to ensure that we don’t charge members for getting involved, but we do need to carry on operating and being able to realise our plans to conserve and enhance the estate. We are entirely dependant on volunteer donations and grants, but we need to turn over several thousand pounds a year to make sure we can still carry on benefiting the park.

We do have regular fund-raising events, but now we are asking if you are able to help support us further by considering giving us a donation. To enable this we have created a new and easy way to get donations to us via credit or debit card, or direct through Paypal.

If our work in the estate has impressed you and you would like to see it continue, if you’ve enjoyed one of our free guides and would like to see more in the future, or would like to see more bulb planting, bins, or any number of infrastructure works extended then please lend us your support. We promise to put your donation to the best use we can.

Thank you

To help us with your donation, please go to this secure site

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Spring dividends

In October 2014 we set about planting over 12,000 spring bulbs. Right now we are enjoying the payback from that event with the snowdrops now flowering below the Echo. Not quite a carpet yet, but certainly a fantastic show for the first year.
Bluebells are already coming up thick under foot and should present a stunning display in the coming weeks.
We’ll keep you updated with how things develop with this album.


New arrivals!

We were delighted to find that, finally, our long-awaited new map board has appeared in the park. The sign was kindly supported by a grant from the Avon Gardens Trust last year, and since then we’ve spent a long time designing and the artwork and making sure that it gives visitors a fresh and informative way to explore the estate. Based on the map we commissioned from local artist Dru Marland for our estate guide leaflets we’ve ensured that it’s been updated with all the recent changes, like the avenue and restored steps. As well as the usual information about car park, bust stop, bin and cafe locations we’ve also added our ten highlights of the park. It’s far from being an exhaustive list, but we hope it will encourage people to explore more of the 300 acre estate.


The board appeared mysteriously and without warning around the 21st January, and slightly in the wrong place! However as this second photo shows the sign company were very quick in moving it to the correct location when we asked. It now partners our existing leaflet dispenser as an information station at the entrance into the park from Shirehampton Road car park, just on The Circle.

1399686_838177222915405_4487364451748820138_oWe’re hugely grateful to the Avon Gardens Trust for their support in this project, and also to Bristol Council parks department for working with us in finalising the design and procuring the board on our behalf.

Another arrival has come in the form of a leaflet holder for the cafe at the House. It’ll show off our free guides and other leaflets to best effect, and will help keep the cafe tidy too!