New historical resources now on-line

We have now added a new selection of important historical documents to our downloads area including catalogues to a glittering fourteen day auction of the entire contents of Kings Weston House! The auctions took place in 1833 and 1834 following the death of the last of the direct line of the Southwell family, Edward Southwell IV, 21st Baron de Clifford.

The auctions detail almost all of the furnishings, artworks, books and personal items built up by the Southwell family since the Seventeenth Century and include some keen insights into the development of the family’s house and estate over the Century.

Amongst the five thousand books from the library are rare volumes by famous friends of the various family members, books on art and architecture relating to the design of the house and grounds, and with a wide range of languages represented, suggesting the taste and education of the owners.

To see these new documents head here


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