A plan coming together

DSC_3711 Toadstools

Ever wondered how we make sure that everthing that needs to get done actually gets done and that different people aren’t trying to complete the same bits of work?

The title “Project Manager” sounds pretty grand but it’s the job of the Project Manager (or in the case of this project…the Project Managers) to keep a good eye on things and make sure that all the jobs that need doing are allocated to people and that we all know when we’re supposed to do things by.

This isn’t the sort of information you can easily keep in your head so we all find ways to write it down in a meaningful way so we can share it amongst the project team so everyone knows what’s what.  If we were building an office building, we’d do something similar but it would be a very complicated list.

For us, a simple list is more than sufficient and we’ll update as progress happens.

This is the list as it looks at the moment

Bioblitz checklist0301

Certainly seems like there’s a lot to do.



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