KWAG Newsletters

KWAG regularly keeps its members up to date with newsletters. These detail our current progress, future plans, and titbits of the history of the park and house. Browse through a few of our back-issues here.


KWAG September 2019 Newsletter

  • A return to Penpole Lodge, Iron Bridge restoration options, The Echo: Baroque ruin

KWAG August 2019 Newsletter

  • Retracing our steps with laurel clearance III, Parks Restructure, Penpole Lane Planning, Know Your Place website

KWAG July 2019 Newsletter

  • Retracing our steps with laurel clearance II,Important news on the Iron Bridge, more benches installed, Wildflowers run wild, Preserving the memory of Penpole Lodge

KWAG June 2019 Newsletter

  • Retracing our steps with laurel clearance, Statue remade, Possible Penpole Pond, a new sketch, John William Miles: Last in a political dynasty

KWAG May 2019 Newsletter

  • Final act above the quarry garden, Iron bridge planning update, Shirehampton Park: A park for the people

KWAG April 2019 Newsletter

  • Kings Weston and the Sea Mills centenary, Iron Bridge Planning application made. Urban buss flower meadow, and laurel clearance update

KWAG March 2019 Newsletter

  • Laurel clearance continues at the Quarry garden, Spring bulbs in flower, News updates in briet, New paintings come to light

KWAG February 2019 Newsletter

  • More above the quarry garden, Iron bridge update, Third edition of the estate guide published.

KWAG January 2019 Newsletter

  • Fall and rise of Kings Weston stables, keeping on top of the copses, metal detecting concerns, walking tour dates, Continuing above the quarry garden


KWAG December 2018 Newsletter

  • Working party results above the Quarry Garden. planning and bridge updates, New bench on the South Walk, WWI images discovered.

KWAG November 2018 Newsletter

  • Bulb Plant report, more planning battles at Penpole Lane, Secret Nature Report, WWI Remembered.

KWAG October 2018 Newsletter

  • Doors Open Day report, Hinkley Point investment confirmed.

KWAG September 2018 Newsletter

  • Special working party project, Planning updates, archaeology at the Georgian Arbour

KWAG August 2018 Newsletter

  • completion of the yew walk restoration, preparing for Doors Open day, music at the house, balustrade completed, drought continues, plan to survey an historic site.

KWAG July 2018  Newsletter 

  • Continuing on the yew walk, Penpole Lane update, Georgian boundary stone rediscovered, Photographic reminiscences from the 1960s

KWAG June 2018 Newsletter

  • Restoring the yew walk, developments on the Penpole Lane site, Fabulous wildflowers, The farms of the Kings Weston Estate

KWAG May 2018 Newsletter

  • Penpole Lane problems, Work around the Scout’s Chapel, news updates from around the estate, how yew trees tell us about the park’s history.

KWAG April 2018 Newsletter

  • Last stop for laurels, Replanting Penpole Wood, Southwell’s and the Slave Economy, Vanbrugh letter arrives in the archives, Sale of Home Farm moves to auction. .

KWAG March 2018 Newsletter 

  • More laurel clearance, Iron Bridge protest, some short updates, Walled Garden renovations, the Police’s time at Kings Weston house

KWAG February 2018 Newsletter

  • More laurel clearance, Iron Bridge protest, some short updates, Walled Garden renovations, the Police’s time at Kings Weston house

KWAG January 2018 Newsletter

  • Return to the laurels in Penpole Wood, Philip Miles portrait for sale, Home Guard in Home Park.


KWAG December 2017 Newsletter

  • work on the meadow margins, National Award for chairman David Martyn, Great Court consultation, history of the verge plantation.

KWAG November 2017 Newsletter

  • Big bulb plant 2017,new bin installed, Iron Bridge update, Vanbrugh Exhibition at the library, the appeal of Penpole Point

KWAG October 2017 Newsletter

  • Finishing the Echo Wood, Garden works at the house complete, Growing concern on Penpole Lane, Tree graffitti

KWAG September 2017 Newsletter

  • More laurel clearance in Echo Wood, Iron Bridge update, Doors Open Day report, Last of the Miles’s

KWAG August 2017 Newsletter

  • Working paty beyond the echo path, Historic Home Farm on the market, Sponsored benches update, New theories on Kings Weston’s Roman Landscape.

KWAG July 2017 Newsletter

  • More South Walk views, Help sponsor a bench, Brief update on Penpole Lane, The Echo Plinth and a Roman influence.

KWAG June 2017 Newsletter

  • Urgent help needed to combat panning on Penpole Lane,Making connections on the South Walk, Home Farm reveals hidden history, Forty years of resistance: Preserving Kings Weston

KWAG May 2017 Newsletter

  • Working party on the ancient avenue, Iron Bridge update, New steps at the Echo, Doctor Who at Kings Weston, Big Bulb Plant blooms, Beating the Bounds at Penpole Lodge

KWAG April 2017 Newsletter

  • Archaeology day results, walking tour announcement, tree planting, a new painting found, and spies on the Kings Weston estate!

KWAG March 2017 Newsletter

  • Update on garden developments, bulbs putting on a show, new steps plan, finalising laurel clearance.

KWAG February 2017 Newsletter

  • The Circle completed, forthcoming events, Lely painting returns, Newly found historic sketch

KWAG January 2017 Newsletter

  • More laurel clearance, working party dates 2017, evergreen shrubs, and Ordnance Survey points


KWAG December Newsletter

  • More laurel clearance in Penpole Wood, developments around the house, 1950s school memories, A delve into the museum stores

KWAG November Newsletter

  • Big bulb plant report, KWAG is Five years old! Kings Weston takes centre stage at heritage forum conference, British Library paintings made public, Kings Weston as war hospital.

KWAG October Newsletter

  • 4th annual big bulb plat, Doors Open day report, Warning of forthcoming woodland work, Restored balustrade and garden news, Iron Bridge update.

KWAG September Newsletter

  • Natural Spacing below the house, Doctor Who at Kings Weston, Big Bulb Plant 2016, The Echo returns, More on the Echo.

KWAG August Newsletter 

  • Working party progress at the Great Oak, development plans need feedback, News in brief, An intriguing Italian perspective, The statue and the “artificial cave”

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